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Your Chinese Astrology Guide 2014

Each year is bringing different energies in our lives. Some of them are beneficial and other ones are not. Like always in life, luck is oscillating while challenges are changing places with opportunities.

What does this book contain?
Every single one of its 115 pages is dedicated to an honest, unbiased and in-depth Annual Overview of the 12 animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac. All that you need to do is figure out the animal that corresponds to you and read the manner in which this Wooden Horse year impacts the four main facets of your life namely Wealth, Career, Relationship and Health.
Do you know your PERSONAL ELEMENT?
In addition to the detailed prognosis of the 12 animals of Chinese Zodiac, there is also a discussion on personal elements and a personal forecast drawn from it.
Chinese Astrology revolves around 10 personal elements and each is characterized by its unique set of attributes and hence is subject to a stand-along prognosis. By figuring out your personal element, not only can you gain knowledge pertaining to your traits and personality but also acquire a precise outlook as to how the particular element will affect the various facets of your life.
Age Ruler - what exactly is the year 2014 about for you
Having read your personal element and read about your Zodiac Animal predictions, there is another surprise in store for you – Age Ruler prediction system – which has been designed to render the situation clearer for you. On using this ruler, you will be in a position to identify the aspect that will act as an anchor for you and one that will be the subject of your focus all through this Wooden Horse Year of 2014.
If the months ahead seem like a vast unexplored ocean or an uncharted forest that is spread out in front of you, this Chinese Astrology Guide 2014 could be relied upon to serve as the compass that will guide you as regards which road and direction will lead you to your objectives in the best and safest possible manner.
Your Chinese Astrology Guide 2014
Annual Forecast
Your Chinese Astrology Guide 2014 Forecast
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115 pages
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As you stand at the threshold of the year ahead, there are several queries that cross your mind and you might wonder how things will turn out. Singles are preoccupied with whether they will finally get to meet their perfect match this year and businesspersons and professionals are worried about how lucrative or rewarding their dealings might be.
What about health? No-one likes to suffer from ill-health in any form and being aware of the precautions to be taken to avert a major ailment could go a long way in saving you from unnecessary worries and stress.
So where do you stand in this Jia Wu (Wooden Horse) year of 2014 in context of your romantic life, career, entrepreneurship and health, both physical and mental?
To help you determine your position, we have compiled a Chinese Astrology Guide in form of an ebook that provides a realistic peek into the journey ahead. There are several sections in this book that throw light on every aspect of life and having read all the pages, you will have gained an insight into how your relationships will fare, opportunities that will knock and setbacks in terms of health, money and profession.
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