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A face can reveal so much about a person.

Now, you can learn the art and science of Chinese Face Reading

(Mian Xiang) to understand a person's character based on his or her facial features with ease and confidence.

Consider the face a book with unlimited stories to tell... and each feature corresponding to a specific chapter of your life. Which pages will you turn to when you need to figure out what's in store for you in your 30's, when your career is at its peak?

Or maybe you're curious about how your life will play out in your golden years. Get acquainted with the fascinating and always-entertaining art of Mian Xiang, Face Reading, and discover how a wealth of information awaits you on the study of a person's personality. And all this information is right there in front of your eyes... staring you in the face!

Every face has a story to tell, and Mian Xiang is the ancient Chinese art of Face Reading that focuses on observing and studying the face to gain insight into a person's character and destiny.

The Chinese art of Mian Xiang has a long history, and its first known use was during the time of the Yellow Emperor some 2,700 years ago.

Learn Face Reading TODAY in a comfort of your home with Joey's Online Homestudy program 


Mian Xian Mastery Module1 :

Face Reading USD 495.00
Buy till December 31st for only USD 395.00

Mian Xian Mastery Module 2:

Advanved Face Reading USD 1,195.00
Buy till December 31st for only USD 1,000.00

BAZI Module 1 + Module 2: USD 1,690.00
Buy till December 31st for only USD 1,100.00

Mian Xiang Mastery Module 1

Face Reading

is a foundation course designed to provide students with the essential grounding of Face Reading. It is the world's first classroom-based seminar that equips students with the requisite skills and knowledge to immediately plunge into the world of Face Reading and glimpse its astounding versatility in application.

Mian Xiang Mastery Module 2

Advanced Face Reading

is meant to follow-up on the knowledge gained in Module 1. Most of what was taught in Module 1 was theoretical and designed to provide students with a foundational basis in Face Reading, introducing you to key concepts involving facial shapes, features, and contours.

You can expect an exhaustive discourse on topics such as Stars, Mountains, Rivers, Mansions, Academic Halls, Veins and Meridian Paths, 5 Officers before your feet is considered suitably wet enough to take the actual plunge into Practical Face Reading. With the four specific aspects of Character, Relationships, Career and Health Analyses covered, once you finish this course, faces will never look the same to you again.

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