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For Bazi Destiny report you should provide us your DOB and hour of birth (if known)
*Deadline for completion of the report is 6 - 18 days from the payment date and it is subjected to personal arrangement.

We analyze your birth date to provide you with your personal destiny blueprint  and advise you how to reach your potential, find a type of job it makes you feel good, find love or improve your relationship, enhance finances and strenghten your health.


Find out about your personal element and about how to balance energies 

to be happy, creative and in love with Your Life.


This is a 26 to 30 pages personal report.

Promotional price

till January 21st 2014 is 168 USD


Order today!

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NEW eBook


Flying Stars Feng Shui in 2014

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Price: 23.90 USD

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Use Feng Shui of your home or office to boost your life!​​


You don’t need to know Classical Feng Shui in order to improve your life and business!

You just need to know WHERE to look and WHEN to perform an activation of Feng Shui and boost energy in your property that will support you to achieve your goals and desires.

Money, Health and Relationship Feng Shui Activation

We analyze your floor plan and your birth date to provide you with personalized Feng Shui details for your home or work space as well with exact date and hour for your personalized Feng Shui activation.


You will get 3 locations (marked on your floor plan) and 3 dates together with instructions for obvious improvements in 3 areas of your life: 

Finances, Relationships and Health/Vitality

Buy 3 Golden Feng Shui Activations Report NOW!

Promotional price for our newsletter subscribers 

for ordering 3 Golden Activations Feng Shui Report ​is only 118 USD* 



You can write to us for additional information:

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For 3 Golden Activations report you should provide the following information:
- your floor plan, scaled
- Google Earth view of the property
- Short description of the location and view over each window
- Your DOB
*Deadline for completion of the report is 5-15 days from the payment date and it is subjected to personal arrangement.

Payment and Delivery

After you purchase our product via PayPal you will receive an email with instructions, after you provide us with all needed data, your report will be sent via email to you within 5 -15 days.

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