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Harness the Power of the Environment

This is no magic. This is an actual study of Chinese Metaphysics, a respectable environmental science practiced since ancient China.

Classical Feng Shui has revealed that the natural energy in our living environment known as Qi can affect the quality of a person's life. When you know how to tap into the positive Qi of your environment, you can maximize its benefits to your advantage in life.

Find harmony with the natural energy of Qi in your living environment and make the most of the opportunities that awaits you in life to bring you good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. You'd be surprised how a few simple tweaks around your home can make a huge impact.


Let Joey Yap teach you these time-tested techniques of Classical Feng Shui to help you embrace total success in life!

Joey has put all the knowledge he has built with his decade-long association with Feng Shui and other aspects of Chinese Metaphysics into a crisp and cutting edge HOMESTUDY COURSE.

To make things easy, comfortable and convenient for you to master Feng Shui and actually apply it in your life and business.

Feng Shui Module 1

Empowering Your Home

is a foundation course designed to provide students with the knowledge of fundamental Feng Shui theories. Students will be taught the four key concepts around which classical Feng Shui revolves - Foundation, Forms, Eight Mansions, and Flying Stars.

With this level of understanding, students will graduate to the level of practitioner by the end of the module, and be able to apply all that they have learnt to actual situations and confidently undertake a full-scale Feng Shui audit of a property.

Students can expect course content that is compact and intensive, taught via a direct and simple manner.


Feng Shui Mastery Module1 :

Empowering Your Home USD 495.00

Buy till December 31st for only USD 395.00

Feng Shui Mastery Module 2:

Master Practitioner Program USD 1,195.00

Buy till December 31st for only USD 1,000.00

Feng Shui Mastery Module 1 + Module 2: USD 1,690.00

Buy till December 31st for only USD 1,100.00

Feng Shui Module 2

Master Practitioner Program

It is a practitioners' course that builds up on previous knowledge of Feng Shui fundamentals.

Students will get a firm grasp on the classical texts and theories, and be taught how to merge this knowledge with modern perceptions and situations.

In Module 2 students can expect a comprehensive immersion in core concepts like Flying Stars and Eight Mansions, as well as both the San He and San Yuan schools of classical Feng Shui. Students will also dip into Xuan Kong, which in itself is a powerful branch of classical Feng Shui.

With this reservoir of knowledge, students who successfully complete Module 2 can go on to practice Feng Shui at the professional level. Even if a student's interest does not exceed beyond the range of personal practice, they can rest assured knowing they are able to confidently perform audits and assessments at the level of skilled, successful Feng Shui consultants.

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