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Be Careful With 5 Yellow in 2017

5 Yellow in 2017

Flying Stars System describes how energy is distributing in space we live and work.

The pattern of how the stars (energies) fly is linked to time. It is of a great importance to know the annual distribution of the stars as they effect us and our wellbeing for a year long. The best stars with the most positive influence are 1, 6, 8 and 9, while the others can exhibit negative influences, especially the notorious 5 Yellow Star. It is a star creating disastrous situations that can effect all fields of our life, from bankruptcy, accidents, losses, disputes, conflicts... In the year of Fire Rooster the star flies to the South area for a year. It is highly recommended to switch the room if it happens your bedroom or office is in the South sector this year. Also, no renovations or greater disturbance should be done in the South to not further activate the raging strength of the 5 Yellow star. Houses and apartments with South entrance will experience the impact of the negative influence the most. It is hard to cure the 5 Yellow effect completely, to lessen the influence a wind chime from metal can be placed at the entrance or any other bigger metal object can be placed in the South room, in case you have no other choice but spend time there. If you would like to know about the other Flying stars in detail and learn how to benefit from the annual energy aspects, you can purchase our annual Feng Shui Guide 2017 eBook, it includes 6 feng shui activations with detailed area and date for each of them to help our readers to succeed and prosper in the Fire Rooster. You can order the eBook Feng shui Guide 2017 here.

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